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July 14, 2013


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Shannon Sullivan

I feel that GZ should have been held accountable on some level, he was after all, the grownup; however, why are we not equally saddened by all the senseless black lives lost at the hand of black neighbors? And the hand of abortionists? Why do we have to divide our country further by focusing on one loss? Why does only one black teenager look like Barry Obama's son? If we are led by a man who is really interested in all equality, wouldn't any child killed look like him? What about the baby who was killed in his stroller while two kids, dare I say, punks, were trying to rob his mother? They succeeded, they robbed her of her son. Where is the national outrage? Why hasn't the president said that that baby could have been his son? I know the record you spoke of is fact. It has not been good up through now for black America. So, frustration is deeply understandable. But making it worse is the president presiding over an intentionally intensified racial divide and why aren't we demanding a stop to that? United we stand, divided we fall. He wants to see this country fall and so is working his flint to spark the flame again. God is big enough to give George Zimmerman whatever he has coming to him. Why can't we let Him and get on with starting today, actually united?

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