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June 22, 2009


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Terrance the Intellectual

Good thoughts bro.
I have never attended a Hindu wedding but I did go to a Buddhist wedding once. It was real cool. But I did wonder why get married if you believe that the purpose of life is to rise above all desire. So wouldn't that mean no desire even for a wife?

I agree with your sacrad text comment. I think religion is much to divisive. I not sure God has anything to do with much of it.

The Critical Cleric

Terrance the Intellectual,

You make an interesting point about Buddhism. I found quite a few differences between their understanding of marriage and the Hindu understanding. In the West we tend to throw these two belief systems together as if their the same and they aren't, so I appreciate your comment.

I think the Buddhist would reply that as important as samsara (the state of no selfish desire) is the path of service to others. This being the case, a Buddhist being marriage is the joining of two partners to the path of service together.

the uppity negro

Damn, u got caught up with the AME's. I could only imagine!!! LMAO

That's hot you got to parallel the three experiences. Most of us usually don't get a chance to experience it all, let alone many of us usually don't have cross cultural friends to have such an experience.

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