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February 24, 2010


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the uppity Negro

As Howard Thurman intoned, "the religious effervescent." And as he went on to say that it's something that the mind cannot understand, therefore we bottle it up.

But I must say, as much of a skeptic as I can be, without fail, every time I'm in the fellowship of the believers, and I see other persons moved by their beliefs I can't help but believe that "when two or three are gathered" that God is in the midst (which maybe means to say that God exists only in human connection and fellowship and ideas of individualism are of the devil, but I digress).

So without a doubt, we have overcome by the word of the testimony of fellow believers, so Dr. Bailey's story is truly a blessing to my spirit...and a good sermon I might steal, lol.

Critical Cleric

Well said Uppity Negro! I think your on to something with God and the religious experience.

I would say that we find spirit and truth in human community and that's where we find God. So when community is authentic, we can tell be truthful about who we are and how God has made us--and seek to be transformed together. When community is inauthentic, we have to lie, fake it, and ignore facts to get along. That's not God in my opinion.

John's Jesus said, that you will know your worship is of God when not only the spirit is among you but the truth is as well!

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